Alberto Gallingani

Painter - Sculptor - Performer


Alberto Gallingani was born in Florence in 1938, where he still lives and works. His studies included technical and business training as well as art. After an initial formative period of pictorial experience of a realist nature, in 1961 be came into contact with the artists of the Florentine abstract movement, alongside whom he developed his experience in the field of the Pittura di Nuova Realtà. In the same period he frequented Fiamma Vigo's "Galleria Numero" where in 1964 he held his first one-man show. In 1965 he won a scholarship for young artists awarded by the Florence Town Council. In 1969 he drew up the Primo Manifèsto della Pittura di Nuova Realtà and in 197I, along with Avanzini, Pecchioli, Bini, Benelli, Daniele, Filannino and Papasogli, he founded the "Il Moro" Art Studio. In the meantime his artistic experience was evolving. The concepts of the Nuova Realtà become clearer. In 1973 the Geometria Utopica series was conceived, highlighting the importance of ideological values in human relationships. The field of interests expands: he begins to use photography. The installation "I drew a 50cm side square on the floor" dates to 1976, and in 1977 he held his first performance "I painted with white". This is the beginning of a period of intense experimentation which is to bring him as far as the marginality of Mail Art. In 1978 he founded Art in Opposition with Gianni Becciani, the first review of Mail Art in Italy. In the same period he also did a lot of photography until in l979painting re-emerged forcefully. Thus the Letters from Berlin (1982-1986) cycle was born. From 1981 on his artistic activity began to overreach national boundaries, finding within Europe fertile terrain for its expansion. Since 1992 the work has been evolving towards the complementarity of languages. GALLINGANI & Associates was born in 1998.


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