Alberto Gallingani



"I am with you in Rockland"
Drawing, timber, plastic material
cm 30x54x13, 1997
"The long shadows of dawn"
Photo- painting-timber-plastic material
cm 41x42.50x10, 1996


"The night of eclipse"
Laser-print & and painting on support
cm 69x27.50, 1997


"Road 2"
Photo printing cm 80x30, 1998


"The never heard cries"
 Laser-print & panting on support cm 76x28, 1998


"It is the last day"
Laser-print and painting on support cm 82x62, 1998


"Road 4"
Photo printing cm 80x60, 1998


"This is what is left"
Laser-print & painting on support cm 112,50x76.5, 1998


"Days to the end"
Photo printing-chalk-iron-painting
- Installation - 1999


"That day nobody saw anything"
Laser print & painting on support cm 85.5x82, 1999


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